Green skills for local communities - G-Star

“The Green Skills Training in Rural AReas (G - STAR)” project, financed by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and implemented by Unison Group together with AVEP Public Foundation, CEEBA Public Foundation, and Ametis Public Foundation, aims to improve the green skills of young people (formerly unemployed) and potential migrants through a system of sustainable professional training that in the future will support employment or self-employment and increase in incomes in the sphere of energy efficient construction.

The main tasks of the project pilot phase were:

  • Together with Unison Group:

-       To organize and hold a platform to coordinate knowledge on energy efficiency;

-       To hold an awareness raising campaign to inform the population about energy efficiency (house insulation) in rural areas.

  • Together with Ametis: To promote trainings on utilizing natural energy efficient materials for the purposes of houses insulation and on construction of energy efficient stoves in the rural area of Chui region;
  • Together with CEEBA and suppliers: To hold trainings in Chui region on house insulation using industrial materials.